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Last Updated September 04, 2009

Note that some of the short videos play better initially when saved to your computer rather than playing from the server  (Right click to Save Target As).


Circuit Bending Page


Water snake eating a fish 94 sec.  (YouTube)

The original blog post is here.


Pelican diving for fish with a seagull following.   7 sec., 2.6 Mb, mpg


Sandpiper on a Florida Beach 17 sec, 6.1 Mb, mpg


Eastern Tent Caterpillars Thrashing 10 sec, 3.3mb, mpg

Yellow Jacket Chewing a Fence for pulp- mpg,
4 sec, 1.6mb, mpg, 10 sec, 3.6 mpg. 9/29/05

Mosquito Larvae (a.k.a. wigglers or wrigglers)- 1.83 mb 5 sec. 7/28/05


Ant War?-poor to fair quality video footage, the smaller red ants are removing the larger winged black ants from a nest and swarming them.  I have not determined the species.   1.7 mb 4 sec, 4.7 mb 13 sec, 10.9 mb 30 sec.  7/18/05


Snake Copulation, mpg 5 sec. 1.9 mb  This was filmed with my Sony Cybershot  which is the same camera I used for all my pictures posted on the blog.   More information here and here 5/12/05


Excerpt from Scientist Extraordinary, Cyril Bibby 1972, PDF format 38 KB 5/12/05
















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