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Last Updated September 04, 2009



What is Webiocosm?  Webiocosm is a science-oriented website, actually two websites, designed and maintained by me.  One is the official website simply named Webiocosm, and the other is Henry's Webiocosm Blog.  To my knowledge, there is no other entity, internet or otherwise by this name.  I initially thought the main site would be more of an impersonal, science news/update sort of site.  But that is just not that much fun and there are many sites like this so that I don't feel like mine had anything special to offer.  If I do find anything newsworthy I usually mention it in the blog anyway.  That is why I have changed the format so that now the main, nonblog site is really just complimentary to the Blog.


How did these sites get their start?  These sites got started back around January 2005 when, after reading a couple of magazine articles, I had a revelation that I was capable of running a website.  I never really thought about it before, but I now realize that the only thing that kept me from it before was the fact that I didn't know that it was so easy.  I bought the domain name and the website hosting first, then after looking around at what drives traffic, I created the blog to provide a gateway to the main site.  Now I see that approach as kind of similar to Google bombing or Link spamming, but on a much smaller scale.  And of course I only did it to my own sites, so no harm done.  I just wanted to see the word Webiocosm show up on a search engine, and that took longer than I expected it to.


What is your purpose for this site?  My original goal was to find a way to interact with other individuals with interests similar to mine, such as biology, evolution, medicine and general science.  I don't have many friends who enjoy discussion about biological evolution, so I guess that is really the biggest point.  I have spent several years wondering if I should have gone further into biology rather than medicine.  After entering the biology related blogosphere, I see that I am way behind and don't have near the zest  for this sort of thing than many, many others do.  So now I am much happier with my career, and lurking about the real biologists' websites in my free time.   However there are several other factors that led to this manifestation.  One, was simply for the sake of learning about having a website, that interest also includes testing out the blog-oriented advertising mechanisms. 


More to come.....




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